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Corinna de Jong

Corinna de Jong



I am Corinna de Jong and was born in 1961 in Invercargill, NewZealand.
From 1964 onwards, I grew up in Killarny, Johannesburg, South Africa where at 12 years old my talent was first discovered at Saxenwold Primary School.
In 1975 I emigrated to Holland with my parents, where after pursuing my creative process, I finally in 1993, chose to specifically concentrate on three-dimensional works.

In 2002 I realized my own workspace, Studio R, in Rotterdam.
I mainly create bronze sculptures, although I began my career in stone, making sculptures of Marl, Onyx and Granite.
In more than 19 years time I have made and sold many sculptures, worked on assignment for Shell and the Government. Of course there were also private and personal pieces made.

Because of my participation in many exhibitions in and outside of Holland, this resulted in my wish to own a gallery and promote my artwork.
In May of the year 2010, Galerie Brons was founded where I could sell and create sculpture at the same time.

I also teach the art of wax modeling to students at .