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Have you ever thought about owning or gifting a unique sculpture in bronze?
Making a choice in a local Gallery is usually the solution, it is however more exiting to talk to the artist about creating that one piece that has just that little bit more of a personal touch. Gallery Bronze has both these options.
A unique sculpture for yourself or a loved one.
Just because you would like to or for a special occasion. It's also possible to create you own sculpture by means of a workshop at " Studio R " my studio in Rotterdam, for small groups of maximum 10 persons. See

-- Marriage

-- Birth

-- Birthday

-- Your family group

-- Your own wax sculpture in bronze (see workshop)

Your Personal wishes fullfilled
First take a look at my recently created artwork. Can you identify with my style of creating a sculpture? Then it's time to get into contact with me to see if I can get a feel of and identify with the assignment you want to have made. Also to assess if the most suitable material would be bronze for your idea. When we have reached a mutual agreement, I will begin with the creation of a wax model, this design will cost you nothing. If the finished model is found acceptable by you or your company, there will be a bill sent to you for 1 third of the total amount to be paid, including 1 third of the transport costs and import tax. When payment is received, the sculpture will start the process of casting, chasing, coloring (patina) and possibly mounting on stone, bronze or wooden base.
How can you limit the costs?
Consulting about the commercial aspects of the designed sculpture to consider multiple productions, will reduce the price per sculpture.
How does this work?
Imagine the total time it takes to make the original design of the sculpture, for example, 80 hours. In spite of a low gross hourly wage, the amount increases rather fast, include the cost of the foundry, transport and insurance to that amount. If we make 8 sculptures, then the original design costs can be divided over the total of 8 sculptures. That produces the new sum of 10 design hours per sculpture, of course the reproduction rubber mould needed in this procedure is also split into eight, 4 hours restoration time for every reproduced wax model, foundry, transport and insurance. In short, a compiled cost discount of minimum of 60 hours per sculpture. Of course the higher the amount of sculpture ordered, the higher the dividing of the costs.

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