Galerie Brons

Bronze sculpture at it's best

Rotterdam Kralingen



Dr. Zamenhofstraat 56
3061 SK Rotterdam

Driving Directions

  1. You drive via the A20 up to - or over the Brienenoord Bridge of Rotterdam
  2. Follow the sign reading Capelle aan den Ijssel / Centrum
  3. Follow the sign Centrum.
  4. After the gas station slide as soon as permitted 1 lane to the right.
  5. This enables you to take the correct lane after the stoplights a bend to the right driving onto the Honingerdijk.
  6. At the next traffic lights take 4 turns to the right, which takes you down to the lower bank of the road.
  7. About 4 blocks further down the road you can park on the Oostzeedijk Beneden or neighboring streets.
  8. The Dr. Zamenhof straat is a side street of the Oostzeedijk Beneden



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